2014 To Date:
  Suppression: 289
  Fire Boxes: 108
  Rescue Boxes: 19

Last updated 2014-04-22
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Child ID and Safety Day
January 11, 2014

Bull Roast
February TBA, 2014

Basket Bingo
March TBA, 2014

Easter Party
April 12, 2014

Golf Tournament
TBA 2014

Fill the Boot
May 24-25, 2014

National Night Out
TBA 2014


Apartment Fire off of Kenilworth Drive: Fire Box 1-40

April 05, 2014 - On April 5, 2014 at 11:31hrs the Providence Volunteers were alerted for an apartment fire in Towson off of Kenilworth Drive. Engine 292 and Truck 297 immediately responded and while en route, first arriving units from Station 1 (Towson) stated that they had smoke showing from a 2 story apartment building and immediately requested the Working Fire Assignment.
Engine 292 arrived shortly thereafter and was assigned to RIT (Rescue Intervention Team), Truck 297 laddered side Charlie of the building, ventilated, and helped with the overhaul and salvage operations. Crews from Providence were on scene for approximately two hours.
Job well done by all companies on scene!
Photo Credit to: Howard Berliner and Jack Carroll

Members from Rose Hill VFC (Dozier Al.) visit Station 29 for the weekend

March 31, 2014 - We have been truly honored to host Chief Jesse Jones and Assistant Chief Sam Moore of the Rose Hill Vol. Fire Dept. (Dozier, AL) for the weekend. The crew made the 900+ mile journey to purchase a set of Holmatro rescue tools that we were selling. The tools will be carried on their Engine 1 (former "Engine 291"), and will greatly enhance auto extrication capabilities in their area.

While at Providence, our brothers from Rose Hill rode with us on several calls, including a first due working rescue on the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), and were also able to take part in some training opportunities.

Despite the gloomy weather, many new friendships have been forged, and many experiences have been shared, truly exemplifying the "BROTHERHOOD" of the fire service!

Station 29 responds to an overturned SUV with entrapment on 695: Rescue Box 29-62

March 30, 2014 - At 830am, Station 29 was alerted to respond to the report of a overturned vehicle with entrapment on the inner loop of Interstate 695 between Providence Rd and Loch Raven Boulevard. Truck 297 and Engine 292 immediately responded with 8 volunteers. Truck 297 and Engine 292, the first arriving units on scene, encountered a overturned SUV with the driver trapped in the vehicle. The crew from Truck 297 immediately went to work stabilizing the vehicle and extricating the patient. Truck 297 with the assistance of Squad 303 (Lutherville) removed the driver’s side doors and post. The patient was then packaged and transported to a local hospital for evaluation.
Great Job to all the crews operating on scene, Job well done!
Photo Credit to: Lutherville VFC

Dwelling Fire in Parkville: Fire Box 10-05

March 28, 2014 - On March 28, 2014 The Providence Volunteers were alerted to respond to a dwelling fire in Parkville (10-05 Box), 8200 block of Wilson Ave. Floodlight 293 responded on the initial running assignment with four firefighters. When the fire box was up graded to a fire rescue box, Engine 292 responded to the scene. The Crew from Floodlight 293 assisted with securing utilities and pulling ceilings on the second floor. When Engine 292 arrived they assisted with placing lights up around the dwelling. Engine 10 from Parkville made a great knock on the fire.

Great Job to everyone on scene.

Photo Credit to: Howard Berliner from 29

Boston Fire Dept. LODD 03/26/14 - Engine Co. 33 & Ladder Co. 15 - Box 9-1579

March 26, 2014 - The Providence Volunteers are keeping the Brothers from Boston Fire Department in their thoughts and Prayers. The Boston Fire Department lost two firefighters in a recent 9 alarm fire. The two firefighters, “Jakes” made the ultimate sacrifice to save other's. We would like to remember heroic men and keep there familes in our prayers! #BostonStrong

LODD 03/26/14 - Engine Co. 33 & Ladder Co. 15 - Box 9-1579

Lieutenant Walsh and Firefighter Kennedy

Chestertown VFC E68 comes to Station 29

March 15, 2014 - The Officers and Members of Providence would like to send a big Thank You to the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company. Due to our Engine 292 going out of service for an extended period of time due to repairs, and the new Engine 291 still being in the final stages of construction, the Chestertown Volunteers were gracious enough to lend us a hand and allow us to borrow one of their engines (E68) to run as our first line engine.

During Engine 68's stay at Providence VFC, it responded to various incidents including several dwelling fires, and a vehicle rescue on Interstate 695.

We would like to again thank Chief Bruce Neal and the members of the Chestertown VFC for their generosity and willingness to help us in our time of need!

A busy day continues for Station 29 and Baltimore County FD: 3 Alarm Fire in Dundalk

March 14, 2014 - On March 14, 2014 it was a busy day for the Providence Volunteers. The men and women from Providence started out with a working dwelling fire and continued from there. Providence ran a total of 4 Fire Boxes, 1 Brush fire and 3 other minor calls. Due to the 3 alarm fire down in Dundalk that evening, Truck 297 was transferred to Station 8 (Fullerton) until around 6am the next day. While Truck 297 was transferred to station 8, T297 and Floodlight 293 were alerted to respond to a building fire in a 15box in Dundalk. Crews were cancelled prior to arriving but still made the trip into the East side (3rd Battalion) of the county. Floodlight 293 took the opportunity swing by station 15 (Eastview) prior to returning back to quarters. Our crew wanted to close up station 15 as its crew’s were tied up on the 3 alarm fire all night.

Dwelling Fire in Jacksonville: Fire Box 47-09

March 14, 2014 - On March 14, 2014 around 1200hrs, the Providence Volunteers were alerted to respond for a Dwelling Fire in Jacksonville (47-09 Box). Engine 292 immediately responded with 4 volunteers to Fairwood View Ct, while en route the first arriving engine from Station 47 (Jacksonville) advised they had a two story single family dwelling with heavy fire conditions. Once Engine 292 arrived, the engine crew went up to the scene while the driver of the Engine stayed back to help with water supply. The crew from E292 was initially assigned RIT and the officer became the safety officer for the incident. Soon after, E292 was relieved as RIT and was tasked with taking another line to the second floor to help with extinguishment, ventilation, and overhaul. The crew from Station 29 was on scene for approximately two hours.

Great Job to all the crews operating on scene, Job well done!

Photo Credit to: Holly Ludwig from IV475 & Howard Berliner from Station 29