Few Things can be as exciting to a child then seeing a fire engine racing down the street.  Except for seeing a fire truck up close !! Combine that thrill with a Birthday party, and you are making memories that will last a lifetime !!

Looking for something unique? Looking for a birthday party that is fun AND educational ? 

Have your next child's birthday party at the Providence Volunteer Fire Company. 


  • Use of our classroom and access to the building
  • Access to the building 1 hour prior to the party for setup, decoration
  • Party time allocated for up to 3 hours. 
  • Fire safety presentation and  interaction with a "dressed up" firefighter
  • Fire Engine rides for all guests (weather permitting)
  • "Fire Safety Goodie Bag" and plastic firefighter helmet for each child. 
  • "Happy Birthday" message on station sign

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit to the number of guests?
Yes. We ask the number of children over 2 years old be limited to 20 children for safety purposes. The party room can accommodate at least 40 adults comfortably along with the 20 children. 

Are there any scheduling limitations or restrictions?
Parties at the station are limited to * 1 * per weekend (Saturday/Sunday). Scheduling is done on "first come/first serve " basis. As such it is advised to schedule your party as early in advance as possible to ensure that the weekend you are interested in is available. It is not uncommon for the station to be hosting formal training classes on the weekends for our members, and thus limit availability for a birthday party. Due to fundraising commitments away from the station, we DO NOT conduct birthday parities during the last two full weekends in September OR the ENTIRE MONTH OF October. 

Are there limitations on what food or drinks can be brought to the party?
No real limitations exist on what can be brought to the station. Preparation of food is not an option, so all food/snacks that are going to be consumed should be brought already prepared. There are a number of food establishments that will deliver to the firehouse. We are able to provide usage of our members' freezer for the temporary storage of small amounts of ice cream. 

Can the party room be decorated?
Absolutely ! A party isn't complete without balloons, streamers or decorations.  Please ensure that the decorations will not permanently alter the appearance of the party room. The room should be able to be returned to its original condition at the conclusion of the party. 

What if an Emergency Call happens during the party? 
The primary responsibility of our Volunteers is the response to calls for service. If a call for service occurs during the presentation phase of a party, we will make every attempt to carry on with the party and handle the call if personnel are sufficient. 

This is not a guarentee, and the emergency calls  must be handled first. If a call comes, the party will be allowed to continue in the party room, and  if time is allowed upon return from the call, we will continue with the presentation. Keep in mind that calls for service can be time consuming. It is advised to have a contingency activity planned just in case we are called for service and not able to provide the presentation or apparatus rides. 

Is the Firehouse handicap accessible? 
Yes. The entrance to the party room is directly off of our main parking area to the rear of the station. There are no stairs required to access the party room. The fire safety presentation takes place in the apparatus bays on the main level of the station. This is accessible from the front of the station. Inside the firehouse there is one flight of stairs that is navigated to reach the mail level of the station from the party room. If special assistance is required, please notify a member present at the beginning of the party. 

Is my donation tax deductible? 
YES. The Providence Volunteer Fire Company is a recognized IRS 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations to the fire company are tax deductible. A minimum donation of $ 175 is asked for all birthday parties.

Is it possible to use the room for a party without the firefighter presentation? 
Certainly. Our party room can be used for a party, a meeting or a small informal gathering. Please call us to discuss the specifics of the event and to ensure we can be accommodating. 

Do all parties have to be at the Firehosue?
No. Under certain circumstances WE can bring the excitement of the firehouse birthday party to you ! We can bring a fire engine/truck to your home or someplace else. We will do the fire safety talk/demonstration and if possible do the fire apparatus rides. We can even bring the goodie bags !  We have geographic limitations to areas where we can do this. Please contact us directly to find out if your area is a possibility.

If interested in obtaining more information or to schedule a birthday party, please call the station at 410-828-9029 and leave a message on the "event" line.

If you are in need of a cake for your party at Providence, please contact Judi Mason at remason7911@yahoo.com
or 410-661-6015. The photo shows a cake that was done by Judi for a Providence member's party.